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ODO “SPP “Promtechresurs” – is a Belarusian manufacturer of veterinary products and tools for farm animals and pets. The company was founded in 1996, and since 2010 has been successfully engaged in the processing and production of products made of films and plastics. Our own production base is located in Vitebsk, Minskaya str. 20B, Republic of Belarus.

Using modern high-tech equipment and high-quality polymers, we have mastered the production of such popular products as: veterinary gloves of various lengths and thicknesses; shoe covers on an elastic band; tools for artificial insemination of agricultural animals, freezing and storing seeds; pet supplies for cattle; syringe tubes for drugs; applicators with a microchip for electronic identification of animals. All products comply with modern safety and security requirements.

The company is constantly engaged in expanding the range of finished products in order to meet current and prospective consumer needs, to develop new sales markets. One of the priorities is the continuous qualitative improvement of the production infrastructure through technical re-equipment, modernization and reconstruction of production, increasing the gross share of import-substituting products.

The main source of our well–being and development, which requires unconditional respect, is our customers. To strengthen the authority of a reliable, responsible business partner, first of all, we rely on the high quality of the final product, through the introduction of a quality management system in production; training and advanced training of personnel.

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